The casting is a lovely process, and with 20 years experience of 3D casts and being a mother of 3 you can rest assured we know all the tricks to keep little ones calm while we get perfect casts.

A warm non toxic quick setting product is used to take a detailed impression,
which is then used to create a beautiful 3D cast using high quailty fine plaster.

The 3D cast is placed in a special drying room until it is completely dry.

It is then painted to the choosen colour and styled in the choosen frame.

The masterpiece is usually ready in approximately 4 weeks depending on drying time.

The impressions only take a few minutes and we work with your family in a very relaxed and comfortable enviroment, to make it fun.

3D Casts keepsakes are fast becoming a popular way of remembering precious family times for newborns, young children, and very popular for engaged couples and married, younger and older couples as we have some amazing ways of capturing this.

Keepsakes are a great way of making your memories last forever, there are lots of colours and styles to choose from.
As a Mother of 3, I know how important it is to capture the early years before they are gone, I enjoy meeting new families and creating a perfect keepsake for you
If there is a casting you would like that isn't on my profile send me a message and I will be in touch
Kind Regards